Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oooh, Shiny!

There are some who like their fiber plain.  My shop is probably not for those people.  While I can certainly appreciate the beauty of natural fleece, the shine of silk, and the richness and variety of browns and greys that Mama Nature makes, I love glitz!  I want all that natural color and shine... AND some glitz!  My batts are typically loaded with multiple colors of firestar and angelina.  It's my inner babester playing around, I'm sure. 

When I destashed, decluttered and reorganized in December, I ended up with a few of these partitioned bead boxes.  They're perfect for firestar!  I love how they keep everything separated, but easy to grab.  Angelina, well, angelina likes to get into everything, so I'm keeping those individually bagged for now.  The 4 bags at the bottom are "Super Mega Glitz" from Herman Hills Knittery.  It looks like very fine, blingy Easter grass to me.  Wonder what that'll be used for...

Just thought I'd share a pic of all the sparklies.  I can't be the only glitz junkie out there!

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