Thursday, February 21, 2013

More Things I Made Thursday

YARN!!!  I'm always somewhat amazed when I finish a skein.  It's so fun to take something from plain fiber, and now even raw fiber, and dye it and card it and spin it and end up with something functional.  I hope it never loses that bit of magic.  I hope I never forget the joy of it.

As promised previously, here's a pic of the "guts" from last Thing I Made Thursday. These were spun from rolags, and the ingredients can be seen in a January edition of Thing I Made Thursday.  Can you tell I like this Thursday thing?  It's a great check in, and it reminds me to keep the blog from getting dusty (again).  Tipping my hat to Amanda Gannon/Naamah_Darling for the idea.

These 5 are all full-size skeins.  Some will be going to the show, and others to the shop.  You'll have to wait to see which go where.  ;-)  The other little skeins are samples from other artists or test batts of my own.  I'm collecting them for a project that is months, or even years off, but maybe I'll snap a stash pic when I add these to the collection.  The red/purple/pink/white one in the middle is a fraternal twin of the "Love Letters" batt set from this TIMT.  Exact same ingredients.  I had to spin it.  HAD TO!  And there's one more, another 4 oz like this one was.  I was going to bring it to the show, but I want to corespin it so badly that I might not make it!  I'll get a skein pic of this one when it's dry and you'll understand.  SO many layers/colors/textures!  And yet it was a quick, easy spin to morph it from 42-ingredient batt to bulky single. 

And then there's this one.  And, yes, I'm going to link you back to its origins.  Not a TIMT post, but a really good description of all the goodies that were hiding in the rolags that became this bulky, threadplied, smooshy wonder.  I really like threadplying yarns spun from rolags.  Threadplying in general makes swirly, lovely yarns, but there's something sweet about the lofty, fluffy woollens that result from rolags and how they get pinched into little pillow-like pockets of awesome when the thread meets them.  These were chunky rolags, so there are wild, escaping locks and all kinds of texture.  The S10 was not happy about any of that, but we found our way eventually.

Yarn is awesome!  Maybe I'll go make more of it.  I know I shouldn't get high on my own supply, but...

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