Thursday, February 21, 2013

TIMT: Something For the Small People

Kiddo had a new friend over this past weekend.  This friend was quite curious about the fiber that's all over the living room at the moment (we've all gotten used to it now).  So I put the business projects on hold and let the girlies go stash diving.  I love what they picked!  Soft wools, bright colors, and TONS of sparkle!

They took turns turning the crank on the drum carder.

Smallsauce was also enjoying this activity.  Such a ham, that one!

Layers, layers and more layers, and SO. MUCH. GLITZ.

They took turns helping me spin, too.

A quick thread ply and then we skeined it up!

Gave it a nice soak, and then split the finished skein in half so that each girlie could have a piece.

I took the opportunity to use kiddo's piece to show her fingerbraiding. I've also heard this called fingerweaving, but I couldn't find a definite answer on the internubs.  If you do this, what do you call it?  In any case, I used to love this as a kid, was surprised how easy it was to remember, and am hoping kiddo picks it up (she was a bit frustrated and asked me to do it for her this time, so I did).

Ta da!

(She would also like to show you her missing tooth!)

I've posted before about crafting with kiddos and what a gift I think it is to be able to share the fiber arts with children.  They are remarkable artists, and they inspire me, probably far more than the other way around.  I came away from this little project with fresh eyes and new ideas.  Also happy kids, which, you know, is pretty great.

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