Thursday, February 28, 2013

TIMT: Yarnicorn Toots

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Didn't want you to think I'd gotten too serious.  ;-) Kiddo is all about unicorns these days.  Has been for at least a year, actually.  She told me she wanted a yarn unicorn, which was not at all surprising.  I'm thinking about spinning some extra sparkly rainbow yarn and making her one from Stacey Trock's Flavia the Unicorn pattern.  She told me it wouldn't be a unicorn, it would be a yarnicorn!  I love it.  I need a yarnicorn for my shop logo, I think.  Wouldn't that be awesome?

Later that night, I was showing her the new sparkle recipe I'd cooked up.  It's a blend of handdyed firestar and multiple colors of angelina.  I'd done a set of them in a rainbow (noticing a rainbow theme? hint, hint).  Without missing a beat, kiddo, who has been throughly indoctriated in the ways of internet culture, told me they looked like yarnicorn toots.  Because, as all nearly-five-year olds will tell you, toots are very funny stuff.  And unicorns toot rainbows, so a yarnicorn would toot a sparkle rainbow.

I can't argue with that logic. 

tuft of handdyed firestar

 blended by hand 

mix in some angelina in a bunch of purpley colors

Behold!  Yarnicorn Toots!

Glitz is notoriously difficult to photograph, like unicorns, I suppose, but I assure you: these sparkles are INTENSE!!!  There's no filler or wool or anything else in these blends, just straight sparkle in a rainbow of handpicked colors.  Rainbow Teeswater and now rainbow these... I wonder what's up with that...  ;-)

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