Monday, March 25, 2013


Me and the babesters at our very first live show/sale!

Oh man, you guys!  Homespun was AWESOME!!!  It was all kinds of delicious madness, and we had an absolute blast!  I'm still trying to come down from the craze of it all, but here is a bit of a photo essay for those who couldn't make it.  

finding our space

the great room during setup

happy babester is happy

Once things were mostly in place, we had a quick pre-show lunch

Hooray for picnics!

filling and facing mostly complete (cooler bag was moved, obvi)

Mostly set up booth (the stuff in the windowsill was moved, obvi)

My little table.  Yes, I totally made a QR code for my email list signup sheet.  Because I am that nerd.

A closeup of my Easter Grass Yarn basket.  I spun that yarn a few years ago and had NO idea what it wanted to be until I found that little basket in the dollar bin.  A bit of weaving and ta da! A perfect home for some candy.

The show begins!  Blurry pic is blurry, but it matches my memories.  
Things got crazy intense for the 5 hours the show was on.

A very special visitor!  This is Connie, my former neighbor and the woman who taught me to spin (and whose Louet S10 I still have on indefinite loan - "thank you" doesn't even come close)  It was beyond awesome to be able to see her at my first show. 

Dramatic babester is dramatic!  She looks grumpy in this pic, but she was just posing.  She had some special new treats to keep her busy, and enjoyed her new princess notebook/pens/stickers.  She also had plenty of tech time (which is usually pretty limited in our house).

Bitty babester sacked out for a bit.  I'm lucky to have such easygoing kiddos!

Waking up happy!

Tech girl.  While she enjoyed talking to people and passing out candy, she had a good bit of fun in her tent.  All those camping trips have really paid off!
Also, while I would never have bought one of these, I'm kinda glad her grandma did.  That thing is sweet.

At the end of the show...  We brought enough to refill the display as things sold, but we sold about half of what we brought!  Things looked a bit sparse at the end, but that's a good thing, I think.  And, of course, all these lovelies are now headed to the Etsy shop!

Time to break it all down and head home.  It was a lovely, if somewhat hectic, show.  I couldn't have asked for a better first event!

I will write up a more reflective post in the next few days, but I hope this gives a decent idea of what things were like. I learned a LOT about what live sales take and what I've got and how those things fit together.  I am incredibly grateful to have had such a fun show to learn at.  The organizers and volunteers of Homespun Yarn Party are phenomenal people who put on a great event.  I can't say enough about how well we were treated and how smoothly things went.  That's no small feat, and definitely no accident!  There was a lot of work put into making the 2013 Party as great as it was, and I really appreciate it!

More to follow, just as soon as I get everything unpacked, sorted, listed in the shop and put back in its place!  And maybe I'll get pictures of said place, too...  Eventually.


  1. It is SUCH an intense, fun show. I did not stop talking until the ride home! I'm glad you did so well - it looks like your kids are a dream to do a show with, which is a huge bonus. :D
    Congrats on a great show!

  2. Congrats! I will be doing my first fiber festival the end of April.
    Would you be willing to site with me some insight as to where you got your credit card sign? I have Pay Anywhere but don't know where to get the sign.
    Love your setup. Very easy to see what you have and very neat.

  3. Xiane - Thank you! It was nice getting to actually meet you, too! My kiddos are amazing creatures, and they really like meeting people. We got a few looks for having them there, but zero complaints and several compliments, especially at the end of the show. Part of it is nature (they get their chillness from their father; mama is WAY more high-strung), but I think part of it also has to do with the fact that we've schlepped them all over the place pretty much since day one. They're well-traveled little beasties, and we knew they could handle it. :-)

    Martha - My signholder (clear plastic) was $3 at Staples: and I just printed the insert. You can find the graphics here: Thank you for the compliment! My setup worked really well. I kinda wished I'd brought the second rack and more stuff, but it would've been really crowded with all of us and all of that in such a small space. Since we were going for experience points/human connections and not power sales, what we had worked beautifully. We'll grow in due time.

    More thoughts to follow... :-)